Friday, January 26, 2018

Thank you for joining us Friday, January 26, for the Hydrogen Energy Summit 2018 at the Phi Suea House, in Chiang Mai.

Over 200 attendants - from Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and more - took a first step towards building the First Green Hydrogen Refueling Station in Southeast Asia. The team working on this project is called Enapter. Enapter was born from the philanthropic mission of the Phi Suea House: to inspire and share about the potential of Hydrogen.

Below we are sharing all the content of the Summit, so that you can continue learning about Hydrogen. is it really so simple to produce? What applications can it have?

The purpose of this event was also to kickstart the collaboration of the First Green Hydrogen Refueling Station in the region. As announced by Sebastian, the Phi Suea House will set up a platform of collaboration and communication to realize this project. We invite universities and other partners to join the platform. We will share more information on this, in February.

Sebastian announced setting up a collaboration and communication platform to realize this project. He did not just stop there. He created Enapter. The same team (and more!) you met at the Phi Suea House, now focuses full time on scaling Hydrogen generation technology. They all felt compelled to build the future of energy with Hydrogen, because whom else would? 

The Phi Suea House maintains its objective to remain product agnostic since it is a purely philanthropic project. With the intention to share more about the Hydrogen refueling station coming in 2019, we admit we cannot resist announcing our technological accomplishments. We invite universities and other partners to join us on bringing Hydrogen to Southeast Asia.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt

Friday, January 26, 2018


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Sebastian-Justus Schmidt